House handed over to the beneficiary at Hosadu Village

  • August 16, 2021
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The handover program of ‘Shri Varalaxmi’ new house built through Shri Varalaxmi Charitable trust at Bhagath Nagara of Hosadu village was held on Monday, August 15.

The house was inaugurated by Manjamma and Babu Poojary, parents of Govinda Babu Poojary, president of Shri Varalaxmi Charitable trust. The keys of the house were handed over by managing trustees Govinda Babu Poojary.

Speaking on the occasion, managing trustee Govinda Babu Poojary said, “This is the fourth house that is built through the trust. We are doing various social works like health service, aid to the needy, and food kit distribution through the trust.”

Beneficiaries of the new house, Pusha Ullas couple said that they had appealed to Govinda Babu Poojary when they faced financial hardship in completing the construction of the house. he has got this house completed. We are grateful to him.”