Assistance for poor students

Talented students from rural / rural areas do not reach their full potential without proper financial support. We recognize talented students and provide financial assistance and training to nurture students’ talents.

Empowerment of orphans

The goal of our trust is to empower the orphans. Orphans who lost their parents due to accidents or illnesses will be marked to help them in a difficult time to power and good future. We help them transform their own lives and face the real world.

Helping to disabled

Trust facilitates whole of life supports for adults with an intellectual disability or physical disability in a range of different circumstances and in a variety of ways. Our focus in helping disabled people is on enhancing life skills.

Vital for old age homes

Creating a sustainable healthy life is ensuring that older people have health conditions attended to via high-quality levels of care. Our trust joins hands with people one who really need support.

Donation for old temple resurrection

It is a belief that when the Schools and Temples of the place improve, the entire place improves and moves towards betterment. Our Trust aims to provide financial assistance to old Temples in the Rural/ Village areas.

Service and Educational activities

We believe in giving back to the society. In this aspect we are creating an environment where in the willing part of economically and financially better part of the society would be able to help the less fortunate part of the society.